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Copywriting That Communicates Your Expertise

Whether you’re a career-focused or independent professional or a growing business, I can help you communicate your expertise purposefully, practically, and precisely to help you win in business.

What I Help You Do


We’ll build rapport with your target audience by speaking to their concerns and showing how your skills help relieve their business pain.


We’ll prove that you’re the best at what you do with written evidence and prepare you for when someone says “Show me the receipts!”


We’ll craft compelling messaging that highlights your most relevant abilities to convince your target audience to choose you.

How I Help You Do It

For Professionals


LinkedIn is the professional platform you need to be on. Whether you want to be found by recruiters or rustle up leads, the first step is getting your LinkedIn profile optimized with just the right verbiage and profile enhancements. Request a LinkedIn profile launch or makeover to start getting noticed.


A classic document for a modern world. Even today, resumes are a necessity for quickly communicating your professional expertise to hiring managers and clients in snapshot form. Impress them with a winning resume that highlights the tremendous value you can bring to their business.


As a tenured professional, you’re moving up in your career. Congrats! But could you be moving faster? Or getting more along the way? Definitely. The one skill you can actively improve to propel your career is your communication. Let me help and coach you to greater business success.

For Businesses


Blog, articles, and eBooks offer a timeless opportunity for sharing your expertise with the masses. These content pieces, when crafted with care, can provide fuel for the search engine, as well as interest and engage your target audience. Request content packages to build your searchability and brand authority.


White papers as a content piece have historically proved to be highly effective in informing readers and evidencing expertise of the author. Because of this, white papers are great for generating leads as digital opt-in downloads. Commission one to generate and capture interested leads for your business.


Potential clients want evidence of the kind of results your business can help achieve. And there’s no better evidence than a narrative-style case study: It enables you to communicate how your expertise achieved specific results for a past client. Get a winning case study to help close the sale.

What My Clients Think

Your Stellar Business Writing Partner

Helping you win in business one carefully crafted word at a time.

Brandon Hastings
Business Communication Consultant
When the going gets tough, the words come flowing. Incredibly methodical and keen on people observation and audience analysis, Brandon Hastings flexes every brain muscle to ensure each word provides value to his clients. His mission is to communicate their story clearly and help them win in business.

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