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Evidence of Your Applied Expertise

When clients are looking for a particular service, they want as much evidence as possible to ensure the service provider they are hiring is the right choice. And while your branding, marketing, and content may initially be enticing, case studies (or customer success stories) are what seal the deal.

In marketing your company and its service offering, a case study explores the results of a service you provided to a client. These results are what exemplify the capabilities of your business — what it did for the client and what it can do for other clients facing a similar challenge.

The solution, the benefit, and the overall process are what evidence your expertise to potential clients so that they hire your business to solve their pressing issue.


A Compelling Narrative is Essential to Convincing Clients to Buy

Crafting a winning case study isn’t as easy as simply showcasing the results you achieved for a past client. To truly convince potential clients and imbue them with confidence in your abilities, you have to weave a narrative for them to follow. This narrative tells a story with characters, a plot, a climax, and a conclusion.

Of course, in the narrative, your business is the hero that solves that client’s pressing issue, resulting in some benefit. As well, the potential client is able to place themselves in the story, envisioning receiving that benefit. And through their connection with the story and desire to receive the same benefit, they are more inclined to buy.

As you can probably determine, then, a case study writer needs to be part business writer, part story teller, and completely focused on the client. This combination of skills is a winning recipe for an effective case study that employs a compelling narrative. These are the skills employed when I write your business’ case studies.

Get the Most Value from Your Case Study

With My Case Study Writing Service


Nice web copy may generate passing interest, but in-depth coverage of how you actually solved a client’s problem is the key to establishing credibility in your business services.


By detailing your process and solution as a story, potential clients can better picture themselves as the ones saved by your business, the hero!


A convinced client is a purchasing client. With a compelling case study as a lead closer, your expertise will be communicated in way that connects with the client and gets them to buy.

We'll Collaborate Together to Craft a Compelling Case Study

And Ensure It Sets Your Business Up for Success


A review of your source material (notes, comments, collected data) from the project, as well as two interviews (a project team member and the client) to walk through the project from beginning to end and provide dual perspectives


Writing of the case study in story form, with your business as the hero, instead of a brief sheet of info shown to a client as a sales checklist item


An engaging and aesthetically pleasing design for presenting the compelling content of your case study, consistent with your branding of course

Case Study Writing Testimonials

Telling Words from a Few Extremely Satisfied Clients

Brandon has written so many great content pieces and documents for my business that I find it hard to pick what I like best. But if I had to pick, I think it would be his case studies. He does such a great job of focusing on the client and telling a really engaging story. They really help in our B2B development. Our clients have even brought them up during sales discussions, which only makes me want him to write more!
Nichole Fuller
Factum Consulting


Case Study Content

Starting at $ 549 / fixed*
  • Review & Two Interviews
  • Narrative Style
  • Design

Case Study Enhanced

Starting at $ 699 / fixed*
  • Review & Two Interviews
  • Narrative Style
  • Design

Sales Funnel Foundation

Starting at $ 2,149 (a $2,498 value) / fixed*
  • Case Study Enhanced
    • Review & Two Interviews | Narrative Style | Design
  • +
  • White Paper Enhanced
    • Academic Tone | Structured Content | Solid Research | Source Referencing | Visualized Data | Branded Design

*(Final amount determined after discovery and scope approval. Payment terms: 50% of agreed upon amount due at project kickoff; remaining amount due after final draft submission.)