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Your LinkedIn Profile

More Than Just Your Online Resume

Today, being on LinkedIn and being a professional go hand in hand. No longer is your LinkedIn profile just an online copy of your professional resume; it’s so much more!

Your resume tends to be static, but that’s not so with your profile. Being active on LinkedIn enables the platform to capture your interactions with your professional network, keeping your digital presence up to date. Plus, you can make LinkedIn your primary source for professional achievements, pulling from it to update your resume when needed.

Better yet, use your LinkedIn profile as your “base of operations” for anyone that wants to know about your professional life. In just a few minutes, they can learn your professional story and glean your skills and abilities. This will empower them with the knowledge to understand the opportunities that are right for you. Maybe it’s a job offer. Or maybe it’s a project. Regardless, a strong LinkedIn profile leaves the door open for when opportunity comes knocking.

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Profile Optimization is Key to Extending Your Reach

LinkedIn offers the opportunity to not only be found by the right people, but to engage with other professionals and grow your professional network. Whether it’s joining groups relevant to your industry or sharing your expertise on LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn is the leading professional-social platform that you need to be on.

And beyond just having a profile, you need to ensure it’s optimized for the people you want to reach. Recruiters? Hiring managers? Potential clients? Whoever your target audience happens to be, your profile has to speak to them if you want to land that connection or receive a coveted InMail.

Many underestimate what a targeted LinkedIn profile can do. I’ve seen so many professionals simply create a profile, add a few past jobs and their degree, then leave the profile dormant, expecting for recruiters or clients to come banging down their door. Of course, they’re soon disappointed.

Targeted descriptions are needed for every item added to your LinkedIn profile. This helps in search and enables profile visitors to understand your expertise in context. By writing your profile to your target audience, we’ll be able to engage them, leading to better conversion from visitor to new connection or contact.

Get the Most Value from Your Profile

With My LinkedIn Profile Writing Service


Improve your chances of being found on LinkedIn organically by selecting the most appropriate keywords — the ones your target audience uses to search for professionals like you.


After being found, don’t lose the opportunity to engage. With just the right words, your LinkedIn profile holds the power to capture the attention of your target audience and get them to connect with or contact you.


Grow your network on LinkedIn with a fully completed profile. Showing you take LinkedIn seriously communicates your professional acumen to other serious LinkedIn users.

We'll Collaborate Together to Optimize Your Profile

And Ensure It Sets You Up for Success


One 60-minute consultation call where we’ll explore your career and professional path in depth and tease out the “gold nuggets” for making your LinkedIn profile stand out


Targeted and concise professional summary to draw in your target audience and invite them to take action that aligns with your intended desire


In-depth walkthrough of your career history and academic development, focusing on the achievements and honed abilities most relevant to your professional goals


Identification and organization of your most relevant skills you want endorsed by your connections


Suggestions for groups, companies, news, and influencers you should join and follow on LinkedIn to further optimize your profile


Strategic and customized recommendations for further actions you can take to improve your LinkedIn profile and presence, as well as remain relevant on the platform

LinkedIn Profile Writing Testimonials

Telling Words from a Few Extremely Satisfied Clients


LinkedIn Basic

$ 379 / fixed*
  • Consultation
  • Summary
  • Experience & Education
  • Skills
  • Join & Follow
  • LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn Professional

$ 497 / fixed*
  • Consultation
  • Summary
  • Experience & Education
  • Skills
  • Join & Follow
  • LinkedIn Recommendations

Polished Professional

$ 847 (a $994 value) / fixed*
  • LinkedIn Professional
    • Consultation | Summary | Experience & Education | Skills | Join & Follow | LinkedIn Recommendations
  • +
  • Resume Professional
    • Consultation | Tailored Wording | Professional Formatting | Two Cover Letters | Interview Preparation | Post-Offer Recommendations

*(Payment terms: $50 deposit due via emailed invoice after scheduling consultation; remaining amount due after LinkedIn profile completion.)