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While LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to showcase your professional capabilities online, resumes still hold a solid place in communicating your expertise to hiring managers and clients in snapshot form.

Constructing an effective professional resume takes practicality and a bit of finesse because even if you’re the best in the business, it won’t matter unless your resume conveys that fact clearly. And with limited space and time, you have to ensure you sell yourself with concision and professional appeal, which is why both the words and format you use are essential.

Using the wrong words can get your resume tossed in the trash. But using the right words in the wrong way or in the wrong order can cause confusion. Either way, precision is important when crafting your resume.


Tailoring is Critical to Getting the Callback

Writing a resume can be, at best, challenging to most. And to everyone else, it can be absolutely painful. This is especially true when you don’t keep it updated, letting months (if not years) pass without recording the knowledge and skills you’ve accumulated since your last resume update.

But there’s no need to worry any longer. I’m here to help you! Resume writing is a skill I’ve honed over many years, and the resumes I’ve crafted have helped my clients receive callbacks and be sought after for promotions.

And with my personal touch during the resume creation process, my clients have been decidedly prepared for interviews, using their resume as a sounding board for interviewer questions and important points; this enabled them to remain confident and in control, markedly increasing their chance for receiving the coveted job offer.

Get the Most Value From Your Resume

With My Resume Writing Service


Be more than just a number. With targeted verbiage, your resume holds the power to impress and capture the attention of the reader, enticing them to learn more.


Having successfully captured the attention of your reader with a winning resume, they’ll want to call (or email) you for further details. A solid resume increases your chance of receiving these coveted callbacks.


Whether you’re a would-be employee or freelancer, interviews with a hiring manager or potential client are the gateway to landing the job or making the sale. Prepare for those interviews by using my consultation, your resume, and our mock interview.

Specialization in Mid-Career Professionals

The majority of the clients I’ve worked with have been in their mid-career phase, meaning they were moderately experienced professionals with anywhere from 3­­–10 years of experience. This has naturally led to me developing a specialty for working with professionals in this area, though I’ve helped entry level and executives as well.

The mid-career period can present challenges because you’re no longer considered entry level but you may not have quite reached senior management. Communicating your expertise at this juncture can be the difference between accelerating your career or stalling out with either being stuck in your current position or experiencing unproductive lateral movements.

Understanding the pain points of this career phase enables me to tease out the skills and qualities honed in your career to take you to that next level, whatever that may mean for you.

Past Clients: Career Levels

  • Entry Level
  • Mid-Career
  • Executive

We'll Collaborate Together to Tailor Your Resume

And Ensure It Sets You Up for Success


One 60-minute consultation call where we’ll explore your career and professional path in depth and discover your honed skills and accomplishments


Tailoring your resume to a specific job (or job type) or client you want to reach with wording that supports your relevance


Aesthetically pleasing and professional format for your resume to impress readers (or anyone else that happens to see it)


Two cover letters tailored to two different job descriptions or client projects you’ll select and provide


One mock interview where I’ll play the part of the interviewer, with post-interview assessment


Strategic, personalized recommendations and tips for taking advantage of your role after receiving the offer

Resume Writing Testimonials

Telling Words from a Few Extremely Satisfied Clients


Resume Basic

$ 249 / fixed*
  • Consultation
  • Tailored Wording
  • Professional Formatting
  • Two Cover Letters
  • Interview Preparation
  • Post-Offer Recommendations

Resume Professional

$ 497 / fixed*
  • Consultation
  • Tailored Wording
  • Professional Formatting
  • Two Cover Letters
  • Interview Preparation
  • Post-Offer Recommendations

Polished Professional

$ 847 (a $994 value) / fixed*
  • Resume Professional
    • Consultation | Tailored Wording | Professional Formatting | Two Cover Letters | Interview Preparation | Post-Offer Recommendations
  • +
  • LinkedIn Professional
    • Consultation | Summary | Experience & Education | Skills | Join & Follow | LinkedIn Recommendations

*(Payment terms: $50 deposit due via emailed invoice after scheduling consultation; remaining amount due after resume completion.)