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Part research paper and part marketing piece — because its purpose is both to inform and persuade — the white paper is often the elusive written piece that even the best businesses struggle to produce effectively. Most businesses make the mistake of using the white paper to simply sell their services. Others write about subjects that either don’t fit with the services they provide or with the customers they cater to. In either case, these inappropriate methods render the white paper ineffective.

The thing that most people don’t recognize about white papers is that these written pieces are meant to aid customers and spread your authoritative voice on a particular subject. This means the appropriate time and effort should be taken to ensure the white paper covers the right topic, is well researched, and truly provides value to your target audience.

Doing this not only places your business brand in a positive light to readers, but also typically results in prequalified inbound leads when used as the initial resource in your sales funnel.


Value and Quality are Paramount to Establishing Your Authority

Above all else, your white paper must provide real value to its readers — your target customers. These customers are typically looking for help with one or more of these aspects:

  • Being informed about a given topic
  • Finding a solution to a pressing issue or challenge
  • Making a decision between available options

Knowing this, your white paper needs to be written with the purpose of satisfying one of these aspects for your customer. And it needs to do so with quality in both the writing and the design. The perception of quality affects the perception of value, and nothing diminishes the value of a good white paper faster than poor writing and/or poor design. After taking the proper time and effort to deliver on the value side, don’t fall short on quality.

In accomplishing the dual feat of value and quality for your white paper, customers will appreciate what you’ve provided and look to you as the authority on the covered subject. Thus, when you follow up with them as part of your sales process, they’ll be much more receptive. (They may even reach out to you first!)

Attributes of a White Paper

An Effective White Paper Possesses Certain Characteristics

A white paper is…

  • Informative
  • Detailed
  • Value-adding
  • Well researched
  • Branded
  • About customer needs

A white paper is not

  • Salesy
  • Sparse on content
  • Full of fluff
  • Thrown together
  • Flashy
  • About your business

Get the Most Value from Your White Paper

With My White Paper Writing Service


Expert marketers know the lead generation power white papers hold. Clients looking to solve their business challenges look for solutions and are willing to give a little (like an email address) to get a lot (of value, which your white paper should deliver).


You want to be the leading source of knowledge and expertise on a given subject, and that’s what an effective white paper can do for your business. By offering in-depth coverage of or insights on a topic, you demonstrate your authority to customers.


Beyond the authority aspect, high-value white papers instill a sense of confidence in your customers that you’re capable of solving the types of challenges their business faces. This helps build brand loyalty in your product or service area.

We'll Collaborate Together to Develop an Authoritative White Paper

And Ensure It Sets Your Business Up for Success


Integral to an effective white paper is the elimination of “sales” in the content, though subtle persuasion (carefully blended with an authoritative, academic tone) can prove favorable


An organized structure of the white paper’s content is important for communicating a clear message and providing the reader with ease of reading and referencing


Inclusion of factual data, statistics, and/or scholarly research to evidence that you’re not simply voicing your opinion with no objective support


Further addition of authority to the white paper through a research “paper trail” someone could follow to ensure your research sources are credible


Visuals of the data you discuss play their part in engaging the reader and helping them retain the knowledge you’re sharing


A design consistent with the content and your company’s branding that visually stimulates the reader and adds to the perception of value


Telling Words from a Few Extremely Satisfied Clients

Brandon has worked with me and my business for several years and produced amazing work. His business and technical writing skills have provided immense value to our clients, earning us a high retention rate and great client feedback on the work produced. You name it, he can write it - and actually get results.
Nichole Fuller
Factum Consulting


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